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Company Profile
Established in 1984, Tong Fan Lung have been manufacturing a series of coating equipment, pumps, motors, spray guns and pressure tanks. Tong Fan Lung business scale includes:

Portable Pressure Tank: Volume from 10L to 200L, with material either iron or galvanized iron for choice. Power types include air-driven motor, hand-swing motor, and economic type (no motor).

Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pump: Portable air powered double diaphragm pump, air powered double diaphragm transfer pump, ink circulating & feeding pump. Radiation Piston Type Air Motor: Lug type and flange type.
Airless Spray Series: Super power airless spray, electric airless spray, and engine airless spray

Air Dehydrator: Air dehydrator filter out dirt, humidity, oil by air compressor. No need of maintenance and trouble shooting.
Comprehensive Spray Guns:
 We offer a series of spray guns to meet different paint processing requirement and paint fluid. Lower pressure/viscosity spray gun, air brushes, hi-atomization spray gun, auto spray gun, special purpose spray gun and air combi spray gun.

Refrigerated Air Dryer: Refrigerated air dryer offer clean and stable air source, suitable for electric-static powder coating, precision electronic, IC parts processing, micro-processor & CNC controlling equipment, food, pharmacy, chemical industry etc.