Brand Story


Tong Fan Lung” was established in 1984, with its former name as “Lung Cheng”. Due to naming conflict in company registration, “Tong Fan Lung” replaces “Lung Cheng” in 1992.

Tong Fan Lung” positions itself as vigor, prosperous thriving provider, as the name it is. “Tong Fan” means Oriental in mandarin, symbolizing “the sun rising from the east”, full of hope and vitality.  And, the word “Lung” means dragon, standing for not only auspicious animal but also Chinese spirit, full of strength, power and energetics. The spirit is fully characterized by “Tong Fan Lung” power machines, with great power to drive. Given the power to make new progress, “Tong Fan Lung”—the Oriental Dragon—has been constantly pursuing towards product innovation and customer satisfaction.

The acronym of “Tong Fan Lung is T.F.L. that exactly constitutes the word in mandarin. The word illustrates genuine, original, and positive. Throughout “Tong Fan Lung” products, we can see (T.F.L.) trademark engraved on motors and pumps. The (T.F.L.)” also becomes designated products by customers.